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Surreal Halloween Moment

It was a nice Halloween evening, if a bit chilly.  I’ve got to share the most surreal moment of the evening: An 8-year-old Grim Reaper with a plastic scythe chasing an 8-year-old Michael Jackson with a single sequined glove. It … Continue reading

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First Running Injury

Well, I’ve got to quit running for a while. I’ve hurt my hip. I did all the things you’re not supposed to do: new running shoes, different surface + double-length run while on vacation, running again too soon after noticing … Continue reading

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Recommended Book: The Youth Pill by David Stipp

Just finished the audio version of The Youth Pill: Scientists at the Brink of an Anti-Aging Revolution by David Stipp, and it is very exciting and thought provoking.  In science-bio-journalistic style (like James Gleick in Chaos etc.), Stipp covers the … Continue reading

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Running Update

I ran 5.8 miles in 56 minutes today. I was on the treadmill, listening to my tunes, and I just decided to keep running without looking at the clock. Matt told me that runner’s high kicks in around 40-45 minutes; … Continue reading

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I am now a one issue voter: Stop Global Warming

This has been building up for me for a number of years, but I’ve now decided: I am only going to vote for candidates that actually support doing something about global warming, preferably people who are voting that way and … Continue reading

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Running Redux

I’ve been running on and off for the last two years. Over the last year, it’s only been sporadic – 2 to 3 times a week for a month or so, then a couple months “off.” Three weeks ago, we … Continue reading

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Reflections on My Web Presence

A couple months ago, just after I started my new position at BoxTone, I was very excited and shared much of that excitement on the web, particularly on Twitter.  I had mechanisms set up to cross-post my tweets to LinkedIn … Continue reading

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Anneslie Garden Tour 2010

Our garden was featured on the Anneslie garden tour on Saturday.  We spent the last few weeks weeding, planting, and otherwise preparing the garden.  The patio was poured in time for the tour as well. I’ve put up two Flickr … Continue reading

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Goodbye MedAssurant, Hello BoxTone

Yesterday was my last day at MedAssurant. Tuesday, I start as Senior User Experience Architect at BoxTone. My eight months at MedAssurant were very exciting and productive. The company itself has many challenges it faces during its fast growth, but … Continue reading

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Avatar: Anyone Can Be Beautiful Now

Teresa suggested I go see Avatar yesterday while she did some school work.  I discovered that the IMAX 3D version was playing, so off I went. It is a stunning film for its visuals, audio, and technical effects.  But it’s … Continue reading

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