First Running Injury

Well, I’ve got to quit running for a while. I’ve hurt my hip. I did all the things you’re not supposed to do: new running shoes, different surface + double-length run while on vacation, running again too soon after noticing the pain.

The symptoms seem to point to hip bursitis, which should go away with rest. I should also build lower back strength to prevent its return. So, I’ll wait a week to run again and see how it goes, then build up slowly.

UPDATE: One week later, I’m still healing but I was able to run yesterday. Over the weekend I insulated the crawl space under our kitchen.  In the contortions to work in that small space, I must have done something to reverse some of the cause of the pain – the hip pain went entirely away. That was the reason I was willing to try to run at all. Odd, eh?

UPDATE 2: Unfortunately, my hip is hurting again. Darn, I may have to go see a doctor.

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