Interaction Architecture

The following articles, consolidated from the frequent home page postings, are available on this site:

Icon Craftmanship (14 October 2003)
Discussion of my team’s recent articulation of a visual language for icons in our product.

What is an Interaction Architect? (21 August 2003)
Interaction Architect: I Do, Therefore I Am (11 August 2003)
Bruce Tognazzini has called for a branding of our profession, and I support it.

Dell Axim: Usability, Where Art Thou? (9 June 2003)
I’ve had a Dell Axim for a number of months and I hardly use it now.  It’s practically unusable.

Usability Testing: How Many is Enough? (17 April 2003)
My reaction and questions to an ongoing discussion in the usability community on how many tests are needed to find most usability problems in a software systrem. 

Daily Comics and Design Style (17 April 2003)
A quick note about the imact of daily comics on my design sensibilities, along with ones I read.

The Folly of Total Information Awareness (23 February 2003)
The new TIA program is scientifically and politically flawed.

Why Should Space Exploration Be Safe? (12 Feburary 2003)
The breakup of the Shuttle Columbia should lead to better funding and more space exploration, rather than more safety.

Slavery: USA and South Africa (11 February 2003)
HBO’s Unchained Memories documentary triggers reflections on the similarities and differences between the US and South African experiences of slavery.

Bad Design Example: Stupid Faucet (15 January 2003)
A poor design for a hotel faucet, similar to those discussed in Don Norman’s book, The Design of Everyday Things.

Usability and Dangerous Technology (1 October 2001)
There have been calls for technological safeguards to prevent disasters like the World Trade Center attack.  I argue that the safest systems are those that are usable.

Feature Diagramming Overview (29 August 2001)
A summary of the Feature Diagramming technique, a useful modeling technique which articulates feature variation in a system.

My Personal Vision (26 August 2001)
In which I describe my personal vision for Interaction Design.


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