CHI 2014: Plenary – Elizabeth Churchill of eBay Research Lab

Reasons to Be Cheerful – Part 4

  • song: Reasons to Be Cheerful – Part 3
  • HCI is good at thinking of other people's points of view, imagining ourselves as other people; eg users, maker communities; noticing, reflecting, questioning; everything seems to be speeding up, but we must take the time to think and reflect
  • enjoyment comes from physiological needs met, strong relationships, meaningful work/activities, perspective and passion
  • key directions: proactive health and well-being, marketplaces and exchanges, education and self-directed learning, data collection curation analytics experimentation interpretation, internet of things
  • we in the HCI community have responsibility to keep people – as individuals and communities – in our technology systems; don't filter out the human emotions, empathy, culture, physiology, psychology; ensure that technology engenders and taps into joy
  • known problems, known solutions; known problems, unknown solutions; unknown problems, unknown solutions
  • Reflect: 5 things you found here that surprised you in a positive way; 4 new approaches or methods; 3 people you'd like to be in touch with; 2 sub-areas where you are out of your comfort zone you might influence; 1 grand challenge that you can engage in that may change the world
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