Front Porch Face Lift

One of the oddities with our house was the poorly designed and built front porch.  It was completely out of proportion with the house and stained a hideous reddish-brown, which also didn’t fit.


Yesterday, I performed plastic surgery on the porch.  I reduced it to a simple landing at the top of the steps and put a white primer coat on.  I will be painting the treads a dark slate blue with a glossy white for the rails.

Also notice the window boxes and the flag for our 2–0 Hokies!

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One Response to Front Porch Face Lift

  1. Jit says:

    Aww too bad:( This is one rare instance where I sort of think the before pics are better than the after! As far as proportions: the house is wide set-it can (and in my opinion, should) carry a wider landing. I think it looked rather stately in the before pic, to be honest . I think it actually took something away from the home by slimming it down and now looks disproportioned. And while the white gives a crisp look… I actually don’t hate the brown at all, lol:}
    Down the line, I could see the entire porch on that side extending the full length of the home to meet up with the front porch to make a wrap around porch. Talk about stately!

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