American International School of Cape Town

This is the school in Cape Town – American International School – that Thania and Sipho attend.  It was set up as a school for American expats’ children to attend and keeps to the US school year, despite the seasons being reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.  The education available is top notch, among the best in South Africa.

For the last few years, Thania and Sipho have received scholarships to attend at reduced tuition as part of the school’s effort to encourage local community and cultural engagement.  They are talented, brilliant, and great kids, and the education they receive here will give them opportunities that very few others will see.

Thania is finishing her junior year in high school and plans to attend the University of Cape Town after she graduates next year.  Sipho is finishing eighth (or is it ninth?) grade and is a rock star among the school community. Their older sister, Evelyn, also destined for success, graduated from the International School of Cape Town (British) last year.

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