Work with Me at BoxTone

Is BoxTone hiring? YES! We have a number of critical openings, and if you are or know of any great people who want to work directly in the enterprise mobile space and “ride the mobile wave,” please get in touch with me.

– awesome front-end web-application UI developer (HTML/CSS/JS/Rails/Other)
– amazing database developer (Oracle/Etc)
– marvelous software quality lead
– incredible configuration manager

We are a mid-life start-up doing design and develop of COTS products for managing mobile services in large enterprises.
We are at the hockey-stick in our company’s market.
We have revenue.
We’ve recently got a new round of funding because of opportunities in the market.
We’ve doubled our engineering team in the last year and are still growing.
We do UX-driven agile (with a small ‘a’) development.
We have a wonderful management/leadership team with experience in building many start-ups.
We design and build for mobile devices (BlackBerry, Apple, Android at the moment) as well as web applications.
We have a beer fridge in the engineering area.
We have a lot of fun.
We have great benefits and bonus plans.
We support relocation.

Contact me:
Jim Jarrett
Principal UX Architect
443-844-9690 cell

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  1. mitch says:

    No plug for my PM opening?

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