Ten (More) Commandments for the Digital Age

We were discussing some of the stats in LukeW’s data Monday yesterday, when I made a crack about not using Twitter on the sabbath. That led to a silly conversation and some additional mental riffs on the need for some additional commandments in our new and debased digital age.

11. Thou shalt not tweet on the Sabbath in the House of the Lord.

12. Thou shalt not write on the Facebook wall of thy neighbor’s wife.

13. Thou shalt not make false claims of wealth, status, or the ability to enhance thy neighbor’s manhood, that thy would steal his identity.

14. Thou shalt not steal or distribute thy neighbor’s licensed software or media content.

15. Thou shalt not deny the services of thy neighbor’s web site to those thousands that love me.

16. Thou shalt not expose thy manhood on randomized video chat rooms.

17. Thou shalt not text while driving, thereby depriving my children of life and safety.

18. Thou shalt not misplace thy experimental mobile device, for I am a jealous Jobs.

19. Thou shalt not use pop-up banner ads on thy website, for I shall strike my children blind to them.

20. Thou shalt not replyeth to all my children when responding to thy neighbor, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that replyeth to all.

Seems like these may be good candidates for some of Hugh MacLeod’s “Cartoons drawn on the back of business cards.”

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