Farewell, Madiba

Nelson Mandela died yesterday. He was 95 and in poor health, so it certainly wasn’t a surprise. But he is a symbol of so much hope and compassion, of struggle and triumph. South Africans, including our dear friends the Sgwentus, have tried to prepare themselves for years for this event, but the reality hits hard.

Zuma and the others in power today have let Mandela’s dream slip away in order to make themselves wealthy. The bright future envisioned in the 90’s is tarnished. South Africa is still a beautiful and amazing place, a home for wonderful people, but much of the promise has been squandered. May Mr. Mandela’s death reawaken the hearts of those in power – and the fervor and idealism of those who elected them – so that they turn their attention back to the people, the land, and the future.

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