Lotus Notes R5 Worm Hole

My company uses Lotus Notes for its e-mail and calendaring platform.  It has many, many interaction issues, but we’ve mostly learned to deal with it over the years, even if grudgingly.  Recently, we upgraded to R5 and encountered a host of new conditions that we haven’t learned the workarounds for.

Here is one I discovered today.  I have no idea how I created this, but I have a recurring meeting, happening every Wednesday for the next year.  Notes thinks it occurs from 2:30pm to 1:30pm.  Notes obviously doesn’t like thinking backward in time, because no matter how I try to cancel or delete the meeting I get an error message.  And Notes thinks I’m busy from 2:30pm to Midnight every Wednesday for the next year.  Cool!

Attempt to delete, and Voila!

Luckily, this error message is incredibly helpful! 
a) I have no idea what paragraph or field it might be referring to,
b) I certainly can’t do anything to make it smaller than 64K, and
c) I have no choice but to say OK and then nothing happens.

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