Over the Handlebars

We’ve been doing quite a lot of biking on our vacation to Rehoboth Beach. Yesterday, I was finishing up a long ride which had taken me to Lewes and the Cape May ferry, among other places.

I was nearly back to our rental condo when I must have hit a stone in the road. I tumbled head-over-heals over the handlebars of my bicycle. I landed on my hands, elbows, and chest (luckily not my head as I had neglected a helmet).

As I lay on the ground assessing the damage, a young woman walked passed me with hardly a glance. A man in a pickup – Steve – however, stopped and called an ambulance. They bandaged up my bleeding ankle (that must have been cut on the bike or a stone), and then he dropped me off at the condo.

I cleaned up and T, Ellen, and Pat took me to an urgent care clinic to check out my ankle… it was still bleeding fairly heavily. Four external and one internal suture later, I’m hobbling about, taking antibiotics to forestall infection and Advil to prevent swelling.

So, biking will be out of the question for a while, although it seems I didn’t do anything but cut my ankle – no tendon or bone issues. I can carry my weight without pain and have no loss in movement. But I don’t want to tear out the stiches!

I’ve also got road rash on both elbows and my right hand, and a pedal gash on the other calf that required DermaBond and butterfly bandages.

A few scars to remember my vacation by! How lovely.

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