Cousin Paul Opens His Own Restaurant

Whew!  I’ve been busy.  Sorry for not posting recently.  And much apologies to my cousin, Paul Jarrett, for not posting about his new restaurant sooner…

On November 12, Paul opened his own restaurant, The Oceanaire, Baltimore.  He is executive chef and managing partner in this upscale, fresh-fresh seafood restaurant that is the eighth in The Oceanaire line.  It’s open from 5pm to 11pm for dinner daily.


Located at 801 Aliceanna Street, at the end of President Street at the traffic circle on the water (the one with the big statue), the restaurant is positioned right in the middle of a bunch of major, high-end redevelopment including a Four Seasons hotel, million dollar condos, and trendy restaurants galore.

We were invited to one of the three nights of “VIP” practice events prior to the public opening.  My parents and Paul’s family all came to town to celebrate the event… and to eat, eat, eat.

In Baltimore, the litmus test of any seafood restaurant is the crab cake, so Teresa ordered those.  Paul has talked up the quality of the food at The Oceanaire so much (he previously worked at the DC location), I was ready to put on a happy face even if it didn’t meet expectations.  But he did it.  They make the best crab cakes we’ve ever had.  Of course, a good crab cake is almost completely just good, lump crab meat.  But it was perfectly spiced, and the perfect temperature.  Good going, Paul!

I had the San Francisco-style seafood stew (the formal name escapes me).  Huge chucks of fish, many many shellfish, and a tasty tomato-based broth.  Also a winner.  Everything else that everyone ordered was also fabulous.

This really is the best seafood restaurant I have ever been to.  And I’d say that even if Paul wasn’t my cousin.  Fresh fish is flown in whole daily, cut at the restaurant, with the types available that day checked off at the top of the menu.  The prices seem high at first, but the portions are HUGE.  Multiple people can feast off a single appetizer, entree, side dish, or desert.  Selections on the menu change often, and there are some chef specialties in there (‘miso-encrusted’ fish is one of Paul’s many creations).

The bar – both drinks and raw shellfish – is beautiful, and the whole restaurant is styled like an early 20th-century ocean liner.  An amazing wine list, and expert wait staff top off the experience.  We were treated to a private tour of the kitchen a second time we went in early for drinks.  Great fun!

Congratulations, Paul!  I wish you all the success in the world, and I’ll see you again soon.  Likely at the bar, drinking a glass of Pinot Noir and shelling some steamed shrimp.

The Baltimore Sun carried a brief article recently.

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