Reflecting on the Hokies 2005 Season

T and I watched most of the Tech games this year. We played pretty well – and should have beaten those dang Florida teams (had we been consistently good) – and ended the season 11-2, including a win at the Gator Bowl, and finished ranked 10th.

Lots of attention was paid to Marcus Vick all season, with constant comparisons to his brother Michael. While they are both talented, they are obviously cut from very different cloth. Throughout his college and NFL career, Michael has conducted himself professionally and generously, always friendly and warm. Marcus is hot-headed and agressive, and makes poor decisions – both on the field and off. His unsportsman-like conduct on the field at the Gator Bowl was only his latest selfish antic.

Frank Beamer’s team and its culture are better than that, and I hope they punish Marcus (again) for his behavior. Maybe Marcus can continue to mature. Maybe he can find some compassion and generosity. I won’t hold my breath. I hope Frank is fostering a good backup quarterback for the team. I’m not sure Marcus will continue to make the cut.

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