New Chaise for Media Room

In other news, we received our new chaise for our media room.  Now, just a new futon cover, some nice new lighting, and our cool media pad is done.

New chaise for media room

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  1. Davee says:

    Look like you’ve been very busy! and that there might be a metal in your future at the next Olympic Games 🙂 Your garden is looking good! and dry… The closeup of the wall is art in and of itself. Being there to observe and assist, where possible, was a memorable event … another Virginia & Walt adventure.

    Speaking of which, Walt is in the process of installing the sculpture in the front and it looks amazing! Dave’s metal sculpture has been mounted across from it on the south wall of the entryway and the combination is breathtaking. The new door arrived on time and Walt is cutting a new granite threshold to be installed tomorrow and then the carpenter will be back Wednesday to guide the door to it’s new home. What a whirlwind of activity it’s been getting ready for the party next weekend. As a good friend of mine once said … “it isn’t done ’til it’s overdone”.

    Looking forward to your next update. We’ll send you some pictures when the current renos at 5318 are complete.

    Much love to you both,

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