Company Car Makeover

Since taking a sales position, I’ve been the lucky driver of a company fleet car.  No expenses, no nothing.  Unfortunately, when I started, I inherited a former-salesperson’s car… a 2003 Ford Windstar van.  I hated driving the thing in highway or city traffic.  It cornered like it was on rudders.  And – you know me – I am NOT a “minivan kind of guy.”  Although it was occasionally useful to haul power tools and plant material.

The old and new company car.

Today, I dropped the old one off (the three-year egg timer went off) and picked up my new 2006 Chevy Impala.  I’m also not an “American car kind of guy,” but I’m thrilled to have something new, smaller, more agile, and a bit sexier.

The best part… I paid for a small upgrade to the stereo so I can have an auxiliary input jack.  So now I can plug my Sirius satellite radio and my iPod Nano in directly instead of using the noisy, frequency-infested FM transmitters.

Oh, and I bought the new Tool, Rob Zombie, Black-Eyed Peas, and Pearl Jam CDs today.  And a best of Queen album too.  Woohoo!

(Very) Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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