With My Friend From S.A. in the U.S.

Here is your introduction to our great friend, Nonzwakazi… I’m going to help her set up her own weblog, and she’s using mine right now to begin her story:

I am finding the Deepest Beauty Princess again. It is so sad how much I lose this Title that was given to me by my Ancestor, special one of the special man who had ever live Gonyolozi Ndinga Madiba Mqithi, who told me I will turn the generation before me from poverty to success. He gave the blessings to never cross or fear the river before crossing it. Here I am for he third time in the U.S. being served by the white man in his own home. Not out of obligation or recognition seeking, but of me being a sister he loves and adores in his home. I hope to tell you more about what I mean in the near future.

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