Another South African Friend – Bulelwa Mshumpela

When Nonzwakazi was here, we talked about another friend from South Africa, Bulelwa. She is on a Ford Foundation Fellowship somewhere, but we didn’t know the details. Google came through for us, and we found out she’s at Brandeis! Here is the short bio on her from their School of International Development facebook:

Bulelwa Mshumpela

Ms. Mshumpela, a Ford Foundation Fellow, was a training and public awareness coordinator for the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust, and worked to establish a new Rape Crisis Center in Khayelitsha, South Africa. Bulelwa holds Bachelor’s degrees in Development Studies and Social Sciences.

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2 Responses to Another South African Friend – Bulelwa Mshumpela

  1. bomikazi says:

    desperately looking for bulelwa mshumpela or her email address

  2. Jim says:

    May be able to contact her through LinkedIn. I don’t have any other information on how to contact her.

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