Happy New Year 2007!

Well, it’s 2007. And given what I know we are planning for 2007, and how much happened in 2006 that we didn’t plan… it’s going to be a fun, exciting, and wild year!

Big plans for the house: renovated bathroom, Wally sculpture for garden, rear garden started, new roof, garden shed, maybe a new heating system. What will happen that we haven’t planned for?

Big plans for my job: back into software design at a higher level; more responsibility; more travel; more fun. What will surprise me?

Big plans for me & T to travel: we want to go someplace warm for a break this winter; we want to go to Scotland and Ireland for two weeks in September. Where else might we go?

Stay tuned for my 6th year of this weblog! Thanks for all of you who keep in touch through this rambling, spotty journal. I hope to put more design content on it again given my new role.

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