About My Job Title

I wanted to make a couple quick statements about my new job title: Usability Project Manager.

Those of you who know me or who have read my blog for a while will know that I’m a big advocate of “Interaction Design” or “Interaction Architecture” and that I would self-identify as an “Lead Interaction Designer” or “Interaction Design Manager.”

So, why, if I’m such an advocate for Interaction Design, did I go for a job title of “Usability Project Manager”? Fundamentally, because my business card and job title will be delivered to customers and other people who have no idea about the philosophical, conceptual, and religious arguments that rage inside our community of designers. None of the people I work for or with give a rip about the difference between “Information Architecture,” “Interaction Design,” “Usability Professional” or any of that.

Usability Project Manager captures my role in a way that communicates to the outside world; it’s not “inside baseball.” These days, most of the people I come in contact with have some understanding of what “usability” is. And they know that a usable product helps them get their work done faster and better. All of them know what a project manager does. And many of them know that an outstanding project manager can be the key to a successful project or product delivery.

So, Usability Project Manager is the role I play for Rockwell Software. Interaction Design is the framework and philosophy in which I do the work. And Leadership and Passion are how I get anything done.

Any questions?

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