Just Spoke to My Family

Boy is doing well, tired but missing me. Scared of connecting with his son – he does not want him to miss the opportunity of being fully here right now. I told him Sipho is gone out to swim with the neighbours daughter and I hear she is smart and beautiful. Did he wink at her he asks? I have not seen him with her or even seen the girl. (Sipho has the best wink. We started noticing this since he was a year and six months, especially when he is excited or impressed about something, my son’s wink comes through.)

Both our daughters are doing well. Eve hopes she was here to see us with aunt T and uncle J together. I told her tonight if aunt T and uncle J are not tired I will do the fashion show for them. Cleo is tired after work but had a wonderfull day with her boss at Cafe in Seapoint. He taught her new things this week about business again. She is excited she will tell me next week. (Her boss is from the U.S. His name is Joe. He helps my daughter to understand being the middle child’s blessings. Though he is the last born, he learned from his sister. I thank him for his wisdom he shares with my baby girl.)

I just told Jim I wish I will be able to keep up with sharing my thought and whatever with you when I got home. If I don’t please do know I have a problem with computer access. Every moment I have I will love to share with you.

– Nonzwakazi Gertrude Sgwentu
(transferred from Nozwakazi.com on 3 August 2007)

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  1. ZOLEKA says:

    Sis Nzwaki I am trying to locate you please contact me on 073 187 2749

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