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Our conversation went on to a little bit of me telling her that I believe countries like D.R.C., Tanzania, Nigeria, Burundi, South Africa, and some more… When these got to be stable in terms of educationally and economically, just them can carry the African Continent. Just these have more than enough in terms of natural resources to carry Mama Africa.

That took us to the legacy of colonisation in Mama Africa and how its being denied by the First World Countries. At this point of the conversation I pointed out to Brenda how I believe she should be so blessed to be American. I could not tell her or explain more on what I meant by that. I somehow knew this is part of where our world divides. I still cannot tell you now or explain how big a division it is. I believe the more curious you become of this knowledge the more you might be encouraged by our era of our lifetime. How we together came here knowing we can redo the past with judgement and aknowledgement that are things we might never understand. How a human being can love, and be powerful and fullfilling to another and be the same on the side of hate.

– Nonzwakazi Gertrude Sgwentu
(transferred from on 3 August 2007)

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