UPA 2008: Future Interfaces: Latest in Semantic Web Interaction

Duane Degler of Design for Context did a session on state of the art in semantic web UI.  Here are some of the insights I took from his talk:

  • The semantic web community has come to realize that without good UI, the metadata enables cool things, but doesn’t provide quality and productivity to normal users.
  • “It’s all about the relationships” between data elements. 
  • Ontology -> describes the complex web of relations.
  • Semantic, automated filtering/browsing instead of human categorization.
  • Topic maps are an alternative representation to RDF.
  • Some cool demos:  IRS Tax Map, Simile (MIT) “Exhibit” (two layered time graphs and faceted filtering),  Faviki (tagging using Wikipedia topics; a controlled tagging vocabulary), Fleck (server stored annotation), Calais (WordPress tagging extension)

Duane keeps a set of his writings and pointers to demos (a bit outdated at the moment) at IPGems.

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