Garden Project: Storage Shed

More than three years ago, we had to tear down the big ugly shed that came with the house so our neighbors could build a fence (it crossed into their property).  Finally, I’m building a place to put our lawn mower and all the other garden tools that have been taking up way too much space in our basement. 

Here are a couple of construction photos.  It’s 5’x6’, clad in knotty cedar.  It’ll have a metal roof and a 4’, double panel door.  And there’s a little cubby that goes under the side of the house to help get the mower out of the way a little bit (not to mention give us a chance to clean out some of the junk the previous owner left in the crawl space.

Storage shed shoing framing and the start of the siding.  Storage shed showing the tongue in groove cedar siding, mounted horizontally.

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