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Over the holidays, Teresa and I spent a bunch of time organizing the house. We moved in almost four years ago, and we found places for our stuff, but we hadn’t reorganized as we discovered what worked and what didn’t over that time.

One of the things I (finally) organized was our large CD collection, about 1/3 of which I’ve managed to digitize in iTunes. Reorganizing the collection allowed me to rediscover some of my favorite albums.

The album that turned me on to Heavy Metal (specifically, British Steel style heavy metal) was Iron Maiden‘s Powerslave, with the cut Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

I listened to that album again today, and that spurred me to search for the original text on the web. Not only did I find the text, but audio recordings of people reading it aloud.

The best of the recordings was made by the Gutenberg project, and is available at a really cool site, There are a number of other writings available, read aloud along-side the text. What a wonderful resource!

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  1. Todd Fadoir says:

    Thanks for the shout out.

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