Marc Canter is Moving to Cleveland

I read this morning that Marc Canter is leaving California, so I did some more reading to figure out where he’s going. Holy cow! Cleveland and NEO (Northeast Ohio). He wants to kick up some dirt and make some stuff happen in that area. Seems he went to college in Oberlin and has been working with some interesting folks.

This is GREAT for Cleveland, great for Ohio, and great for the mid-West. Maybe he can catalyze a sustainable change in the high tech environment there. Teresa and I lived there for 12 years, and every year there were initiatives to find the “next big thing” for the area. But none of it seemed to stick, and every year it was something else (IT, biotech, polymers, etc.).

For all my friends in the tech industry and economic development in Cleveland: Get on board the Canter train! Help make something of this.

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