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Post-Google Reader World Not As Useful

I’ve been using Fever for about a week now, and it’s been challenging. I’ve got it all set up and auto-syncing, but it’s just more clunky than Google Reader ever was. I don’t trust it; I feel like I’m missing … Continue reading

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Replacing Google Reader with Fever (I Think)

Anyone who works with me knows I send out tidbits of info and links that folks may be interested in. I usually get these from one of two sources: Twitter or Google Reader. I’ve been a user of Google Reader … Continue reading

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Reflections on My Web Presence

A couple months ago, just after I started my new position at BoxTone, I was very excited and shared much of that excitement on the web, particularly on Twitter.  I had mechanisms set up to cross-post my tweets to LinkedIn … Continue reading

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WordPress 3.0 Rocks

I’ve upgraded the site to WordPress 3.0, and I’m even using the default theme.  I’ll upload some of my own banner photographs, but bravo on the clean, content-focused design! UPDATE: Here’s a photo of the Organ Mountains in Las Cruces, … Continue reading

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Changed my Twitter Notifier

The first plug-in I used for updating Twitter didn’t work (Twitter Updater). So I’m trying another (Twitter Tools). UPDATE: It works!

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Linking Twitter into the Blog

Okay… I think I’ve linked Twitter successfully into this site. You can see my latest Tweet in the right column. And there will be an automatic Tweet when I put a new posting on the blog.

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Twitter Reboot: JarrettUX

When I last used Twitter, I was really just playing with it, getting a feel for what it could do and why I might use it. I ended up deleting it because it was getting an obnoxious amount of flow … Continue reading

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Pandora Badge Added to Weblog

I’m a huge fan of Pandora, the site that lets you create your own internet radio stations based on your favorite songs and an algorithm of the Music Genome Project.  I’ve now added my station list to the bottom of … Continue reading

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Added Flickr and Twitter to Sidebar

I added a picture from my Flickr stream (click on it to jump to all my photos) and also my latest Twitter.

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Check out Canterbury Coaching

Our friend Ellen has just updated her site, Have a look! She’s going to have a blog attached to it as well.

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