On the Brink of War

Yes, war is now inevitable, rhetoric notwithstanding.  We have a quarter million troops in the Gulf.  We’ve published a deadline, even if the UN doesn’t accept it.  Saddam is planning his final show; Bush just his latest.

I’ve never believed that we had to go to war at this point, or that pushing us there was justified.  I think Saddam is an evil dictator, and we should probably do something about him, along with a number of others in the world, but why Iraq and why now? is all I ask. 

But our forces are in place, the world is enraged and thrashing.  Let’s start it soon, get it over with quickly, and spend the next few decades cleaning up the mess we’ve created.

My step-son Stephen is going to Kuwait and then Northern Iraq within days.  His cousin is already there.  For them, the uncertaintly is less comfortable than violent action.  For Teresa and me, either is horrible so getting it over is key.

The opportunity for peace is past.  All we can address now is the anxious waiting.

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