Goodbye, Chelsea

On Friday, Teresa’s sister Ramona had to put down her lovely cat, Chelsea, who had been with her and her husband Chuck for 18 years.  She was a really sweet cat and a big part of the family.  Whenever we went to visit, she always jumped in my lap, purring wildly.  Later, she would sneak into our bedroom because she was never let in otherwise.   She had a long life, and we knew this day was coming for the last few years. Chuck’s brother, who is a fine woodworker, had even made a little coffin for her a couple years ago.  She will be missed; Christmas will never be the same. 

Chelsea at Christmas 2005

(click for a larger image)

Here is an excerpt from the announcement e-mail that they sent out.

Today is a very sad day. We lost a dear member of our family. Due to failing health, our veterinarian suggested that we should consider having our dear cat, Chelsea, put to sleep in order to save her from future suffering due to failing kidneys. Chelsea was adopted by Ramona from a lady in Blacksburg, Virginia on June 12th, 1988. She was laid to rest today, October 6, 2006 in a private funeral at our home. Chelsea leaves us with a lot of happy memories for she was a very special part of our family. Again, it is truly a very sad day.  

Chuck & Ramona

P.S. I know some of you may consider giving us a “replacement” pet. Although it is very thoughtful, at this time we are not ready to accept any pets in the near future.

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