Bathroom Remodel – The Hard Way

When we came back from Ontario yesterday, our 1st floor bathroom was flooded.  It turns out the plumbing to the 2nd floor bathroom sprung a pinhole leak and was likely leaking for a while.


Above the drywall ceiling was the original plaster ceiling which finally absorbed all the water it could.  The water then bubbled the thick, shiny paint and turned it into ad-hoc piping down the walls and across the ceiling. 

We were planning to renovate this bathroom someday.  Looks like someday is now.  Oi.  On the plus side, the current bathroom is really silly, so we’ll get a much more functional and beautiful space out of it.

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  2. Steve says:

    Hello, this may sound strange but I was googling “subway tile” images and your site came up. My wife and I live in Arlington,VA and are planning to redo our bathroom and our current tile choice is to use hex tile on the floor and white subway tile on the walls with an accent strip of glass tile. This looks exactly like what you used! Would you be able to send me any pictures of your completed bathroom? How do you like it so far? Thanks!

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