A Bit of Halloween Mischief

I didn’t notice until our lovely neighbors across the street asked, “What did you do with the other tombstones?”

Sometime between 10pm last night and 5pm today, two of the tombstones were taken: E.A. Poe and Cold Ethel.    H.P. Lovecraft was left in place.

I hope it was a neighbor we know pulling a prank, or someone has borrowed them for a bit and will return them.  Somehow I doubt it.  They were big enough you would have needed a car or small pickup to grab them… I can’t see anyone walking down the street carrying them.

If you see those wayward tombstones, I would like to have them back.  I’m flattered that someone liked them enough to take them, but I’m frustrated because I did put a bit of time and effort into making them.

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