South Africa Statistics Comparison

I’ve been telling many people stories today about our trip and I found that I needed to look up some geographic and demographic statistics about the country to help people understand it in comparison to the U.S.  The geographic ones are interesting, but the demographic ones are alarming.

  South Africa United States Ratio

Area 1.2 million sq km 9.2 million sq km 1:7.5

Coastline 2800 km 19900 km 1:7

Population 43.6 million 285 million 1:6.5

Unemployment 26% 6% 5.2:1

HIV Infected 24% 0.003% 10000:1

Life Expectancy 48 years 77 years 1:1.6

Statistics are approximations and taken from the CDC web site and


For more information about our trip, see South Africa .

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