iPad Mini No Canary

A while ago I posted that if Apple released a 7-inch iPad, it signaled a fundamental change since Jobs died. I guess I’ll have to eat that canary when they do release one sometime this fall, maybe announced on September 12 with the new iPhone.

The device is all but confirmed through lots of leaks and rumors, and the analyses have been very convincing. A 7.85-inch screen at pre-retina iPhone resolution would allow for the proper-sized controls, and a 1024×768 resolution would let it run iPad apps unchanged.

There certainly seems to be a market for a smaller tablet. The Nexus 7 gets good reviews. With a smaller iPad, especially if it’s designed to be different and better in specific ways, will likely dominate that segment as well. I expect it to be priced at $199 for the WiFi only version. I also really like the idea of it being lighter and thinner than other tablets in this size range, and name the iPad Air rather than the iPad Mini.

We’ll see. Mmmm, honey-barbeque canary.

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