Windows Free Zone

For the first time since 1991, I no longer have a Windows machine that I use. Last year, I switched from a Win7 laptop to a MacBook Air at work. Last night, I replaced an ailing Dell media center PC with a new Mac mini.

This is a big milestone for me – and sad in some ways. My technology career has taken twists and turns, and my computer use has evolved. But Windows was always a part of my daily activities. (Prior to 1991, I was first a Commodore 64 guy, then Amiga, and I have used and owned Macs as well.)

The Apple ecosystem has become so good, so sexy, and so comfortable – even affordable. PC manufacturers have become so dull and listless. Windows 8 is a disaster.

Teresa still has Windows 7 machines for work and home. She uses a number of software packages that would be difficult to support in a Mac environment. So, I will still occasionally touch a Windows machine. However, I hope to never again rebuild one that’s gone slow and wonky.

I also have an iPad and an iPhone that have taken over some of the activities that used to happen on a PC. I don’t see myself going completely post-PC any time soon, but I am officially post-Windows.

Microsoft, thanks for contributing so much to 20+ years of a wonderful career and a fabulous life.  I hope you find success with the other things you do, like Office and servers and cloud services (although you continue to fail in mobile). I will miss you in some respects, but you really have lost your way with Windows.

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