Bracing for the Storm, redux

For the first time since our move to Baltimore, we’ve had a second snow storm before the previous one had melted off.  And now there’s going to be another big storm starting tomorrow.  Forecast is for 12″-24″.  Ugh.

UPDATE (Feb 5, 1:15pm): Now they are calling for 20″-28″.  Baltimore record is 28″.  It started snowing 90 minutes ago.  It’s still light and not sticking.

UPDATE (Feb 5, 4:15pm): Snowing harder now, starting to stick.  Maybe an inch so far.  Blacksburg has 8″ already.  They are now calling for 20″-30″+.  Could set new records in Baltimore and DC.  Baltimore record is 26.8″ in 2003.

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