20″+ and Still Snowing

At 8am this morning, we had 20″ inches or more, drifting quite deep.  I shoveled the front steps and walk and knocked the snow off the top of the Miata.  I was worried that the weight of the snow might cave in the soft roof.  However, the wind kept the snow down to about 8″-10″ there, so I guess I didn’t have to worry.

It’s still snowing steadily, but not hard.  I’m sure we’ll be outside shoveling a number of times.  It’s pretty heavy snow.  Good packing for snowballs and snowmen.

UPDATE (Feb 6, 2:30pm): At least 26″ have fallen, and it’s still snowing.  A bunch of us in the neighborhood got together and shoveled channels between our houses to facilitate the movement of children, dogs, and alcoholic beverages.

UPDATE (Feb 6, 4:00pm): It has stopped snowing, finally.  We got somewhere close to 30″ total.  I’ll post pictures later this weekend.

UPDATE (Feb 6, 7:00pm): The blizzard is over.  The sun came out a bit between 5 and 6:30.  Tomorrow, low 30’s and sunshine.  On Tuesday, we may get a few inches more, and then maybe some more next weekend.  Record-breaking all over this area.  Of course, this is par for the course in Cleveland.

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